Meek Mill's legal woes have been all over the media the past few weeks. After receiving an unjust sentence for violating probation, the rapper was asked to respond to a wrongful death lawsuit under oath. The wrongful death suit stems from one of his concerts in December of last year that ended in gun violence, leaving four people shot and two dead. The lawsuit also cites his violent lyrics as a reason for the violence. However, Meek Mill doesn't seem to be letting the shot at his artistry slide.

Meek Mill reportedly said that it's ridiculous to blame an artist or the content in their music as a reason for random incidents, TMZ reports. In an attempt to get the case dropped, they report that he cited Bruce Springsteen lyrics as an example of it. They report asked if a woman got injured outside of a Springsteen concert from a drunk driver, would he be to blame.

"Could she sue Springsteen because his songs contain lyrics like, 'Well, I got some beer and the highway's free'?" the reports say, using Springsteen's 1980 song, "Sherry Darling" off of his The Ties That Bind: The River Collection album. 

In addition to this, Meek also made the case of saying he had no control over the venue's security and also had nothing to do with the shooting itself. 

The rapper is being sued by the families of the two men that were killed. However, Meek is continuing to push to get the lawsuit dropped. 

Aside from the wrongful death lawsuit, many people have been working to get him out of jail. The rapper was in solitary confinement but has since been released from it. Colin Kaepernick recently spoke to Meek Mill while he's been incarcerated and gave the public an update on how he's doing. 

"Spoke to Meek Mill & he wanted ppl to know regardless of his unjust situation, he’s in good spirits & humbled by the support the people have shown him," he wrote on Twitter.

Hopefully Meek's legal troubles come to an end soon and the rapper's probation and sentence gets tossed out.