While Meek Mill's chances of getting out of prison have gotten better recently, as of now he's still trapped behind bars. During his most recent incarceration, Meek has missed some pretty important moments, most tragically being the Philadelphia Eagles' Superbowl victory over the New England Patriots, the first ever championship title for the franchise. 

Despite that, the world of Philadelphia sports still continues to show Meek love, using his song "Dreams & Nightmares" as the Eagles' theme song, and even going so far as to pay him visits in prison. 

According to TMZ, Meek was recently given a surprise visit by two rising stars from the Philadelphia 76ers: rookies Markelle Fultz and Ben Simmons.

One of the team's co-owners, Michael Rubin, apparently organized the visit. He's been a constant presence in Meek's life since he got locked up. He goes to visit often, and is reportedly coordinating with Meek's legal team to work on strategies for his release. He even brings other players with him, like Sixers' superstar Joel Embiid. 

Rubin apparently was hoping that Meek could encourage the two rookies as the Sixers enter the playoffs, and it seems he did just that. TMZ's source claims that the conversation was "very positive," and that "Meek's spirits are still high."

Hopefully Philadelphia's good luck in sports continues through the NBA playoffs, and that Meek will be out in time to potentially see the Sixers win a ring. We'll be keeping you posted of any updates on Meek's situation in the future.