Meek Mill's return to prison, following a probation violation, has resulted in a flurry of controversies and news coverage by extension. The Philly native has a wealth of people, including high-profile celebrities, rallying behind him, but still we've seen no movement yet when it comes to Judge Genece Brinkley and the many requests for leniency regarding his case. She's denied him bail, twice in one week in fact. What seems like unwarranted harshness in the punishment of Meek may have real roots -- new reports have surfaced that the FBI are actually investigating the judge on Meek's case, among other reports that she's being vindictive due to her own failings in the world of entertainment, while two different social justice groups are also calling for an ethics investigation into Judge Genece Brinkley.

Amid all this, Meek Mill remains confined. He's received a few notable visits though during this latest stint, with Al Sharpton, Joel Embiid, and more reportedly going to see the MMG rapper.. We've already heard about Michael Rubin, co-owner of the Philly's 76ers, active support of Meek, as the billionaire wrote a letter to the judge on Meek's behalf. However Rubin has also been paying multiple visits to Meek, and shared an update from his most recent visit, on Thursday December 14th, with Billboard.

"His spirits are about as good as they could be in jail," Rubin tells Billboard "He's smiling, he's positive and he's really very appreciative of all the support he's gotten... from Al Sharpton, Colin Kaepernick, Kevin Hart, all these people supporting him on social media."

Apparently this is Rubin's fourth visit to Meek in the span of a month, where the two discuss Meek's legal strategy. He went on to detail how their unlikely friendship formed, saying, "We met four or five years ago at an NBA game when my daughter and I sat next to him and his ex, Nicki [Minaj], and once he figured out I was one of the owners of the Sixers and some other pretty big, internet companies he started asking me 1,000 business questions, 'How do you do this?' 'Why'd you do this?' 'Did that work out?" He continued, "I liked him. I would have had the stereotypical view, this guy is a hardcore rapper... I didn't know who he was or what he did. But once he started telling me about his career I thought he would have an interesting business." 

Although Rubin wasn't able to go into detail as to the legal strategy he's plotting with Meek, he confirmed he's doing everything that he can to get out Meek out -- and is apparently hopeful -- "I said to Meek that myself and others will do everything we can to support him... Hopefully he'll be home for Christmas." 

As for his day-to-day life currently in jail, Rubin says Meek is working out, watching TV, and generally trying to stay positive. No word on if rhyme-writing factors into his daily routine.

We'll keep you posted on Meek's situation.