Earlier this week, Meek Mill made a surprise return with "Trap Vibes," a two-in-one track that finds Meek rapping over Desiigner's "Panda" and, more notably, Drake's "Summer Sixteen." In February, the judge had included stipulations to Meek's initial sentencing that banned him from recording any music during his three months on house arrest. A month later, it was reported that Meek would attempt to appeal said stipulation, and while there has been no confirmation on whether his appeal went through, one might think that it was granted -- considering "Trap Vibes" as well as the Dreamchasers 4 video snippets that have recently appeared on his Instagram. While the details aren't clear, it's best not to get too bogged down in the legality of the music; what's important is that DC4 is sounding fire as can be. 

The first video clip is to a track potentially titled "Triple Beams," coming from "Meek Milly ft the Mexicans." 

In the the below video, one can hear Meek delivering a powerful spoken word intro over a soft piano backdrop. "Started with a dollar and a dream," he begins, "...I told my teacher I would be like this, she looked at me like I was crazy. I'm talkin' bout, we come from generations and generations of poverty. You know, so you gotta wake up like there's no tomorrow." Damn, can't wait for the drop on this one. 

Or maybe that entire record is made up of spoken word, as Meek's speech continues in the next clip. In this one, he explains the inspiration behind his Dreamchasers movement -- a strong suggestion that this track could be the intro of DC4