It's a common theme in rap music that artists profess the continuity of their identities before and after the fame. There's a fear that once the checks clear and commas are added to the bank statements, it might all get to their heads. How do you balance all that praise and success with humility? How do you split your time between chasing the bag and maintaining your oldest relationships? While it may be an easy attack to level at a celebrity that they are too caught up in the fast life to remember their roots, it is likely often an unfounded claim. You could imagine someone saying this purely out of jealousy and resentment, rather than actual abandonment. Well, Meek Mill has a word for all those inclined to play the "you changed" card. 

Meek recently sat down for an hour long conversation with Charlamagne Tha God in the The Bahamas - where he is working on his next project - to discuss everything that has gone down in his life since his Grammy-nominated album, Championships, dropped in November 2018. Meek took a moment to call out the people who have tried to call him out for switching up on them and brought to light a financial dimension of the issue. "N****s changed. When I was broke no one used to ask me for money. Now, people ask me for money. They be like, 'You changed.' I be like, 'Nah, you never used to ask me for money, so, technically, you changed.' I never was the guy people called when somebody die."

Pusha T clearly thinks Meek hit the nail on the head with his take on the situation because he retweeted the video and wrote, "Meek speaking up for us victims... Keep Meek safe at all costs." Watch the full conversation with Charlamagne below.