After being backed by many influential figures in sports, politics, and music during his five-month stint in jail, Meek Mill was released earlier this year but he's still fighting for true freedom. While he was in prison, several rallies were held where activists voiced their thoughts on the current criminal justice system and how it seriously requires reform. While not all will agree, Meek's case has dragged on for far too long and, today, the rapper is returning to a Philadelphia courtroom to, once again, attempt to have his conviction overturned and have Judge Genece Brinkley removed from his case.

Sharing news of the rally occurring today, Meek said he will be in court at noon to ask for his drug and gun charges to be dismissed. His legal team has been very active in their fight to have him cleared of the charges since he was initially sentenced to spend two-to-four years in a cell. The official Facebook event page for the rally detailed the happening as such: "Meek Mill might be home, but he's not free. On Monday, June 18th, he's going back to court - and back to the Judge Brinkley, the widely criticized and wildly inappropriate jurist overseeing Meek's case. Enough is enough. It's time for the Judge to dismiss the case and let Meek live his life. So we're going to be there on Monday to show Meek support, and raise our voices against the unjust criminal justice system. Please join us."

As details become clear from the court hearing later today, we will update you as usual.