Despite getting a two to four year sentence for violating probation conditions, Meek Mill's legal troubles isn't ending there. Meek Mill is now being asked to respond to a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from May, according to reports.

Meek Mill's being asked to answer questions under oath to an wrongful death lawsuit, according to TMZ. Their sources say the family of a man who was shot and killed outside of a Meek Mill concert in Wallingford, CT is requesting the judge and court to give them a win in the case if Meek doesn't comply with their request. They're asking the rapper to submit written responses under oath to their questions within the next thirty days. The lawsuit was filed in May after two people were shot and killed outside of the concert hall in late 2016. They say the issue with the request is whether Meek will hear about this on time. 

The lawsuit alleges Meek Mill's fans are "thugs" and were the ones responsible for the violence that occurred at the concert. It also says that Meek Mill's violent lyrics were the ones that attracted those individuals in the first place and even quoting some of Meek Mill's lyrics. However, Meek has since denied any involvement with what occurred that evening. He also went onto say that the allegations against him are filled with racist stereotypes and tones. The venue, Oakdale, is also being sued by the victims family. 

At one point the lawyer representing the family said he's confident "the families of those shot at the concert agree Mr. Mill meets the definition of a thug." He continued to say Meek owes an apology to his fans for failing to provide a safe experience for them as well as failing to warn them about past violence that has occurred.

Meek's name hasn't been out of the headlines all week. Earlier this morning, Meek Mill's lawyer filed to have the judge removed from Meek Mill's recent case that found him facing 2-4 years behind bars.