It's been decades since the inception of Hip Hop, so naturally, generations of fans have latched themselves to the genre. In today's culture, it's not uncommon for those considered as "Old Heads" to be dismissed when they criticize Hip Hop's new waves, but rap legend MC Eiht isn't a fan of the older generation being kicked to the curb. While speaking with the Murder Master Music Show, MC Eiht lamented that Hip Hop is the only genre of music where artists seem to expire when they get to a certain age and he gave his take on why that is.

"There should be no age limit! I know a lotta cats within Hip Hop think there should be some kind of age limit especially when you got new artists coming up who are trying to get their foot hole in the game," said Eiht. "Some might feel that a constant veteran who is still releasing projects might interfere with their progress. In no other genre does age discriminate as far as making music. R&B, Country, Pop—whatever it seems like—it's only in Hip Hop. I just think that's because it's more competition, a lotta dudes don't like competition, a lotta dudes like the easy walk, but I'm one of those cats who feel if you still can put out quality music and your fans accept it and still want to hear it, I feel you should go with it. "

MC Eiht isn't the only artist who feels this way. Back in 2013, Missy Elliott spoke about this with The Breakfast Club, saying no one told James Brown he was finished when Michael Jackson came on to the scene. Check out MC Eiht's interview below.