LeBron James has been going all out for the Los Angeles Lakers this season and their record reflects that. The Lakers are first place in the Western Conference with a record of 44-12. As we inch closer to the playoffs, it appears as though the Lakers are strong contenders for the championship and fans are excited to see what they can do. Unfortunately, it was revealed today that LeBron James will miss the team's game against the Golden State Warriors tonight as he is suffering from a sore groin.

Today on ESPN's First Take, Max Kellerman spoke about LeBron's injury and had a strong suggestion for the Lakers franchise. As he explains, LeBron is in year 17 and is 35 years old which makes him more prone to getting injured. With this in mind, Kellerman thinks the team should begin load managing LeBron to keep him fresh for the playoffs.

LeBron has been dealing with groin problems since last season so it makes sense for the Lakers to exercise some caution moving forward. The Lakers can't afford to lose LeBron as they would have to lean on Anthony Davis who isn't enough on his own. 

While LeBron's absence from the lineup will probably only last one game, perhaps it would be wise for him to sit out any weekend games, as well.