Former NBA star Matt Barnes continues to battle it out in court with his ex-wife, Gloria Govan. The pair have been at odds for years over their now-11-year-old twin sons, and Barnes is hoping that the courts will reduce his child support payments. According to The Blast, Barnes has filed paperwork to examine Govan's finances because he's currently dishing out $7,500 per month in child support payments. Meanwhile, Govan is engaged to Los Angeles Sparks head coach and former NBA star Derek Fisher.

Barnes's attorneys claim that Govan told the court she doesn't have a job, but somehow she receives $1,250 monthly and lists monthly expenses of almost $20K. They believe that Fisher is helping her financially, and if that's the case, Barnes wants his lawyers and a judge to inspect Govan's financial records to see if he could drastically reduce his child support payments. By how much, you ask? Barnes is hoping to only have to pay $1,018 for both boys. For the record, at one point he was paying Govan $20K per month.

Meanwhile, Govan argues that Barnes owes her $20K from last year, not including his reduced $7,500 she says he didn't cough up in December. She also alleges that he has only paid half of his monthly payments for the majority of 2019. Earlier this year, Govan completed court-appointed anger management classes following an incident where she allegedly followed Barnes, who had their children in his car, and attempted to block his vehicle from moving.