Matt Barnes was known as one of the grittiest players throughout his era, and he was never shy to speak on getting into fights are wanting to beat someone up. With celebrity boxing becoming increasingly popular over the last couple of years, some have wondered if the retired NBA player would be willing to step in the ring against someone of his caliber.

For instance, Barnes was speaking to TMZ recently, where they brought up the concept of him fighting former NFL player Chad Johnson. As Barnes stated in the interview, he would certainly consider it although the only way he would truly do it is if there was a lot of money involved.

Matt Barnes

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

"I do box but, to be honest with you, like, it's not something that I really want to jump into, to be honest with you," Barnes said. "To me, I'm kind of past that stage of my life. But, if it ever came across and the money was right, I'd consider it."

Barnes Vs. Ochocinco would definitely be a lot of fun to watch but fans really shouldn't be holding their breaths on this one. For now, they will have to stick to watching the Lamar Odoms of the world take on Aaron Carter.