In the wake of the sudden deaths of both XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wopo, ex-NBA veteran Matt Barnes has a message for the young rappers out there, primarily 6ix9ine. 

"I think the fact we lost two young rappers today, everyone's hearts are heavy, but we're losing people out here every day," says Barnes. Every single day we losing people to these streets. And these young rappers are out here rapping about killing and pull up, but they don't understand man, what they're trying to do to sell records, like n***s are really out here living and dying by that every single day. You gon' run into somebody real, that's gon' turn your lights out man. All for what? All for popularity?"

From that point, he turns his words to Tekashi 6ix9ine, saying "you see that dude with the colored hair, that 6ix9ine dude out here running in every hood, talking shit to everybody...Bro must have a death wish, man, cause these motherfuckers are not playing. They eat for a living. They eat motherfuckers like this for a living." He proceeds to end the message on a positive note, encouraging those young rappers out there to stop fronting, and get by on the strength of their talent.

For what it's worth, 6ix9ine recently posted a message in which he seemed to put forth a broad apology to those he may have offended. Though it would appear he has seen the error of his ways, the young rainbow haired rapper has made many enemies along the road. One has to wonder if his antics will come back to haunt him. We can only hope that some good can manifest out of all this negativity.