Master P is a man of the community and in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, he's putting his efforts towards making sure the most vulnerable group in New Orleans is protected. By now, health officials have made it abundantly clear that the elderly are the most at-risk of dying from Coronavirus. Speaking to TMZ, the No Limit CEO announced that he's offering services to the elderly in New Orleans to make sure they're staying Coronavirus-free. Master P revealed that he's offering the elderly free deep cleaning for their home as well as free hand sanitizer.

Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

In addition to the disinfecting homes and handing out hand sanitizers, which have become a hot commodity these days, Master P revealed that his foundation Team Hope NOLA have made several cash donations and have been using resources to supply the elderly with groceries. The hand sanitizers have also been packaged with grocery deliveries.

In order to get the hand sanitizers and free disinfectants, anyone in the New Orleans area that's above the age of 60 can go onto or and sign up for Master P's new service.

"My thing is a lot of people forget about the elderly and a lot of the elderly are the ones gettin' hit hard," he said. Check out the clip below.