With his release from Bad Boy earlier this week, Ma$e is back in the press. Talking to Sway in the Morning, Ma$e showcased jewels that Notorious B.I.G. once gave him. Referring to the Biggie/Tupac beef, he says it changed his perspective on life and went on to add that he will do "what Tupac envisioned to do."

"I remember B.I.G. used to always tell me stuff... He used to give me jewels and one of the jewels I gave to 2 Chainz when we was talking that while you're doing this you gotta do all you can and can everything you get because you not guaranteed to be loved next year. They lovin' you now. I understood that. That's what made me take advantage of doing something else."

Sharing one of his more important life lessons, he says it came to him after Biggie was murdered in LA:
"When Biggie passed, it changed my whole perspective for many reasons," explains Ma$e. "It was the first time I saw - ah, man, I'm on a truth campaign. It was the first time I saw people that were supposed to be who they are not act like who they are. That's the best way I could say that. Somebody that important, something happen to, and nobody respond?" ... If you don't rock for that, what you gon' rock for? At that point, my focus became different. If ain't nobody do nothing about this, I shouldn't think something's gon' happen different for me. So, my decision became real easy."

During the interview, Ma$e talked about the lessons he also learned from Tupac:
"I believe I'm doing right now what Tupac envisioned to do but he never got around to doing because he wasn't able to make that decision."

Ma$e clarifies in the interview that he is not beefing with either Jim Jones or Cam'Ron, even stating the they were his brothers.

Peep the full interview below. [Source]