Martin Shkreli is keeping his name in the headlines on the daily. We thought he might recede into the shadows upon the TIDAL release of The Life of Pablo -- proof that Kanye West had either rejected or neglected his $15 million offer for exclusive ownership of the album...but no. Those who despise the pharmaceutical price-gouger might find this latest development to be entertaining, however, as Shkreli is now claiming that he did, in fact, put forth $15 million for The Life of Pablo -- only to be duped by a Bitcoin thief by the name of Daquan. 

"WHO THE FUCK HAS MY MILLION DOLLARS," Shkreli suddenly tweeted earlier today, before going into a story about how Daquan, who he had thought was an associate of Kanye's, robbed him of $15 million digital dollars. 

Shkreli is apparently launching a GoFundMe page tomorrow in an effort to regenerate his squandered millions, and he purports to have gotten in touch with the creator of Bitcoin, whom Shkreli hopes will help him in tracking down Daquan.