Marshawn Lynch was not only a great running back, but he was also insanely entertaining and was always good for an uproarious quote. He made a comeback to the NFL last season although it was only for a brief period of time as the Seattle Seahawks were ushered out of the playoffs in the NFC Divisional Round. Now, Lynch's future is up for grabs but when it comes to the offseason, he has been spending his time helping out the people.

In a video recently posted to Twitter, Lynch can be seen driving around on a scooter while handing out Beast Mode-endorsed protective masks. Of course, we are living through a pandemic right now and these masks are going to go a long way in helping to keep people safe.

This is yet another example of Lynch's charitable heart. The NFL superstar has always been helping his community whether it be the kids going through school or the less fortunate who are living out in the streets. Needless to say, Lynch has always had people's backs and that's not stopping now.

Also, Beast Mode protective masks are probably very rare as only those who saw him in person have one. With that being said, we wouldn't be surprised to see someone trying to sell theirs on eBay. Of course, we highly recommend against that as these masks will help save lives. Simply put: stay safe out there.