Multiple news sources have reported that at least one person has died, and many more have been injured at Marshall County High School in southwest Kentucky. The suspect in question has since been detained by officials responding to the incident, which comes as yet another case of gun violence disparaging an innocent educational institution. 

Governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin initially tweeted soon after the incident that at least one of the victims involved in the shooting had indeed passed away, as first responders are still searching the premises in order to fully assess the damage caused by the unnamed assailant. 

James Comer, another Kentucky official, has told CBSN that the perpetrator of this violent act was indeed a student of the high school. 

According to authorities, seven victims have been transported to hospitals to seek immediate medical attention, with the severity of their cases remaining unknown as of now. Darlene Lynn of the Marshall County Emergency Management also reveals to CBS News that four of the wounded individuals were airlifted to Vanderbilt University Medical Centre. 

Nearly 100 children evacuated the building once gunfire has heard, says Mitchell Garland, a nearby business owner who witnessed ran outside to witness the event. Garland recalls how the students were "running and crying and screaming," as they were just "trying to get out of there."

People have been taking to Twitter to react to this latest instance of gun violence in America: