Marlon Wayans and Netflix are enjoying a lucrative relationship. The veteran comedian has worked with the streaming platform on the film Naked, and the standup special Woke-ish. Now, Wayans is bringing a comedy about a lost son to the streaming giant, and he plans on employing the "Eddie Murphy Method" when it comes to playing several characters. 

As reported by Deadline, Wayans will play Alan in the new Netflix film called Sextuplets. Alan is a man who is expecting his first child, but has never met his own birth mother. He resolves to find her before his own child is born, and sets out on a mission. Alan discovers that he has a bother, named Russell, and he reveals that they are a part of a sextuplet, or six twins born at the same time. Alan and his brother embark on a journey to find their other four siblings, who will all be played by Wayans. Similar to traditional fraternal twins, sextuplets do not have to all be the same sex, so expect Marlon to throw on a dress at some point. 

Sextuplets is set to begin filming next month in Atlanta. Wayans will be joined by Marlon star Bresha Webb, and if all goes according to plan, the film will premiere on Netflix next year.