Mario Judah has been making waves in the game after he plunged into the scene with his unique sound that blends hardcore rock and hip hop music. Most recently, he attracted even more attention when he released his iteration of Playboi Carti's long await album Whole Lotta RedJudah garnered attention in November as well for performing his take on fellow artist DaBaby's hit "Rockstar," which the North Carolina artist responded to himself. Now, Judah is revealing that none other than Drake himself has reached out to the Florida native.

In a new interview, Judah revealed that the 6 God himself had hit him up recently. While he remained smug about the details of the message or the possibilities of a collaboration, he mentioned how big of a fan he was of the OVO head honcho before calling him the "GOAT."

Drake, you’re a legend bro, that’s all I’m going to say. Thank you for reaching out brother,” Judah said. “The world protect Drake at all times. He’s amazing. [He’s] the GOAT.” He went on to reveal his favorite song by Drake, which is "Portland," citing Murda Beatz's impressive use of a flute on the beat.

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