It's been a minute since we've heard Manny Pacquiao's name tossed around in boxing circles. Last year he lost his World Title to Aussie Jeff Horn, in a fight maybe believed he had won, albeit unconvincingly. Still, to move and operate like he does in the ring, is no small feat for a 39 year old. Unfortunately the days where Manny held a puncher's chance are well behind him.

After moving up so many weight classes, the onus will be on him to utilize footwork and win rounds. It so happens that his opponent is another formidable opponent on the wrong side of 30, except in the case of Lucas Mathysse, his adversary is a come-forward fighter, meaning he'll throw power punches and take some too.

Never-the-less Pacquiao is still regarded as the favorite to win. His opponent Lucas Mathysse has held the WBA (Regular) Welterweight Title since January of 2018, but is better known by American boxing audience for fighting on Mayweather vs Canelo undercard in 2013, a decision he lost to Danny Garcia out of Philadelphia.

The full boxing card will air tonight at 9pm on ESPN+, a subscription service recently launched by Sports Media giant. With less on the line than in year's past, I fully expect both fighters to come blazing out the gate. This is fight for pride more than anything else.