Recently Bad Boy's Machine Gun Kelly has been in the news for lashing out against his label, Interscope, and Jimmy Iovine, over a song he revealed he didn't want to record because it was brought to him by 'corporate America.'  The song, called "Invincible," was a collaboration with Ester Dean, and ended up in an HTC commercial.

Now, in an interview for Karen Civil, MGK talks on Interscope and the song, and shares his struggle with coming to terms with the song. Kelly shares that he wasn't trying to diss the label. He says he was just explaining his growth as an artist, and his realization that he wants to share his music with as many people as possible, and this is the way to do it.

"If you listen to the entire story, you realize that I'm like explaining my growth of who I was as an artist, being like, this like, resistant mothafucka, who didn't want anyone  to have anything to do with their projects, when really I realized I'm doing music so the masses can fucking have an opportunity to see, like, the beauty behind the movement that we have," Machine Gun Kelly explained. "I want to give them at least the opportunity to see what we have going on, but you know, you need that platform. And that's when I signed to the label I'm like I wanna take this shit worldwide and show the beauty in this that these kids around my area have seen, and I wanna show that same beauty to the kids in Europe and Asia and fucking Africa."

"So when the label stepped in, and this song was brought to me, my biggest thing was like, 'oh I never wanna sell out,' when really it's just like mothafuckas giving you the opportunity to do exactly what you wanted to, and this is a great song to do it to. And at the end of the day, it took me resisting that song, and fucking, shunning it and talking down on it and all this other shit and re-recording it multiple times to realize how great this song is."

MGK also comments on the Yelawolf beef during the video clip which he says doesn't really bother him, he seems uninterested. 

Watch the full interview below.