The Magnificent Mac Miller has been absent from the game and goddamned if we aren't feeling symptoms of withdrawal. The talented musician and artist has kept things relatively low key, other than hosting Oscar parties and presumably catching up on all the Best Picture Nominees. He did pop up in the DJ Carnage posse cut "Learn How To Watch," which felt new, despite being recorded a fair while ago.  We attempted to track his movements while respecting the boundaries of personal space, and have concluded that yes, a new album is forthcoming. True, we know next to nothing about it, but news will surface in due time.

And perhaps that time is nigh. After all, these days artist have to be aware that everything they post on Instagram will lead to speculation, especially if a mixing console is involved. This afternoon, Mac sent the rumor mill abuzz with a cinematic shot of himself positioned in front of a stacked patch bay. From the look of it, he's either mixing a record of playing a heated round of Galaga. Perhaps both. 

Again, we do know that Mac has something in the pipeline. If his recent IG activity is any indication, perhaps he'll be channeling his inner Scott Storch and holding it down on the keys. He's got chops, that Miller boy does.