Those who knew Mac Miller have defined the late rapper as having a most genuine and kind spirit. His sense of humor is often lauded and was a trait many of his fans have had the pleasure of enjoying. Only a small part of his following, however, seemed to have engaged with Miller as a vaping comedian. The artist, or rather, his alter ego named Lars, dedicated an Instagram profile to vaping tricks. 

Dale Berman/Getty Images

Mac uploaded his vape-enthusiast content over a few days in the summer of 2017, under the username @sunnywithachanceofawesome69. He was on tour in Europe at the time. The musician and his crew might have been on the way back from France's Garorock Festival when he decided to upload his first clip with a caption: "It's Cloudy With A Chance of Awesome outside! Welcome to my channel guys. Get ready for some super dope content!!! Please subscribe. Float on bros."

As he says in another clip, his vape tricks were meant to "maximize the level of litness" of his day. Take the following video tutorial, for instance, in which he breaks down the steps to achieve a successful "CandyGram." He specifies that the candy's flavor must be distributed evenly be giving it "a good suck," before proceeding with the vape. Lars is hilarious. We miss you, Mac.