Lupe Fiasco's career spans for over 10 years and he's stood alongside some of hip hop's most revered emcees. Earlier today, he took to Twitter to express where he feels the direction of his career veering to.

In a series of tweets, Lupe Fiasco addressed his position in hip hop and how he believes he will be perceived in hip hop's history books. Despite the fact the past few albums he's dropped have been underwhelming to some, he's proven over and over that his rapping abilities are top notch. He pretty much explained his rap career and how he feels about it right now.

"Once I met Jay-Z and he said I was nice. I was actually done with rap. My initial passions have always been Science and theoretical physics," he tweeted. "So once I got my Jay-Z co-sign Who was unquestionably my favorite rapper at the time. It wasn't anything left for me personally that I wanted to achieve as a rapper."

It makes sense, if Jay-Z were to co-sign your abilities as a rapper, you've pretty much gotten the ultimate stamp of approval.

He continued to say, "I never felt I was the best but I knew that I had moments of unquestioned brilliance that earned my place among the rappers I respected." 

He later addressed the argument of whether he feels over or underrated. He says he doesn't feel he can be placed in either because there are thing that you'll either like or hate about him. However, he tweeted afterwards, "But when it comes 2 lyrics (which is the ONLY thing I care about) you’d be very hard pressed 2say I’m not one of the best ever #TBE for real."

He continues to address the issues he's faced with the industry, namely the problems he faced with Atlantic, getting blackballed for his political stand-points and overall, "standing up to the journalists and bullshitters."

He closed out his rant by saying, "I have nearly every accolade there is to have in the music business the only thing left is to be the GOAT Lyricist & that’s the pace I’m on." 

He later posted a picture of Pablo Picasso with a goat and wrote, "me with a goat."

It looks like Lupe won't be stopping any time soon or atleast until he's recognized as being one of the greatest, or the greatest, lyricist of all time.

Read the tweets below: