Every so often, a rap battle can begin out of the blue, not unlike walking through tall grass in Pokemon. Last night, Lupe Fiasco found himself embroiled in a lyrical tete-a-tete with Los Angeles battle rapper Daylyt, much to the delight of fans. The battle took place over Twitter, after Daylyt replied to one of Lupe's self-aggrandizing jokes with some inflammatory bars. Lupe wasted little time in striking back, proving once again that his pen game is never rusty. The exchange snowballed from there, with both rappers exchanging bars equally dope and hilarious. 

For anybody who ever engaged in a freestyle battle over text, this one should bring up the nostalgia factor. It's cool to see two emcees from different schools of rhyme collide in a spontaneous bout of verbal jousting, and the fans clearly loved it. In the event that either rapper decides to delete some of their bars, a Reddit user has compiled screenshots of the exchange, which have been posted below. Check out the entire "battle" below, and sound off with your choice of victor. 

I feel like Lupe has the edge on this one, and while he's never been much of a battle rapper, he certainly held his own against one of the genre's tried and true. In fact, this isn't the first time Daylyt has battled outside the scene, going head to head with Ab-Soul back in 2014.