Artists can be a picky lot, and as they say, performing for thousands of people is thirsty work. While Ludacris has been known for his legendary palette, which includes the tried and true combination of chicken and beef, his pre-show dietary habits have remained unexplored territory. Until now. A copy of one of Ludacris' hospitality riders has recently hit the internet, giving an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the rapper's essentials. While the document may appear rather lengthy, the requests are pretty light on the diva spectrum; in fact, Luda seems to understand the importance of healthy eating on the road. Far too often, artists indulge in nutritional masochism, opting for speed over quality. Luda is beyond that madness.

Before a show, Luda clearly wants to be eating right. Chicken, steamed brown rice, mixed vegetables, sweet potatoes, and fruit platters make up the bulk of his pre-game meal. He's also got the chicken wings on deck, in a variety of flavors. For the hotel, that's where Luda really goes all out. The list of must-haves is extensive, with a variety of different items: fruit roll-ups, Listerine, Jo Malone candles, wash cloths, gin, vodka, one bottle of Don Julio 1942, wine, two bottles of Hennessy, six white tees, bread, organic peanut butter and jelly, and much, much more. Suffice it to say, the Ludacris after-party sounds like a truly riotous affair.

Check out the full rider below, and lament the fact that you'll probably never get to indulge in a veritable bender with the Atlanta rapper.