Logic recently revealed that the follow-up to his new album Everybody would be last, and will complete the storyline that began with his 2014 debut Under Pressure. It turns out, the title of the next album is hidden within the liner notes of Everybody, as some Reddit sleuths have quickly discovered. 

Instructions in the booklet for the album (which is a whopping 44 pages) tell fans to decode a hidden message by reading the 5th and 8th words of each sentence. Applying this method to Logic's Thank You notes reveals a very clear statement: "For the real fans reading this hidden message, my next album will be called Ultra 85, and it will be the conclusion to this saga."

So, it appears Ultra 85 will be the title of Logic's 4th and final album. Rap-Up also points to some Instagram posts which reveal other clues hidden within the artwork, which involve billiard balls and naturally, a Rubik's Cube (Logic has famously solved such a puzzle while freestyling).

Logic's Everbody stands to give the rapper the biggest sales week of his career. Stream the new album here.

One thing's for sure, Logic knows his fanbase. Watch a video on the symbiotic relationship the Maryland rapper has formed with his supporters below.