Logic continues to flourish, and not even the most passionate hater can put a damper on his parade. Not only has the Bobby Tarantino rapper recently begun the quest to Swolldom, but he's also been busy headlining an extensive stadium tour. A few days ago, the North American leg of the Bobby Tarantino Vs. Everybody tour closed out with a show in St. Louis, and Logic proceeded to set his sights on the main stage of Lollapalooza. Considering he's been on the road since early June, one might say that Logic has earned himself a treat. Perhaps it's the recent increase in gym-rat activity, but Logic seems more than happy to celebrate his latest milestone by pounding back liquor.

Inviting "all the homies" to come on stage for the occasion, Logic readies his plastic cup, proposing a toast for good measure. "To the main stage at Lollapalooza, and working hard every motherfuckin' day," says Logic, raising his bevvy high. Cheersing the squad in a sign of true camaraderie, Logic pounds back the whiskey, closing off with a few fishmouths for good-measure. 

Some might say they don't make em like they used to. Logic seems content to move like a distinguished gentleman, and one can't hate on the man's success without sounding more than a little salty. Congrats Logic, you done earned it.