Logic may have experienced his fair share of off-putting criticism, to the point where he felt his mental health was taking a major hit as a result. But damned if the No Pressure rapper hasn't gone out with a bang, teaming up with No I.D. to depart the rap game with grace and dignity. While he has officially decided to hang up his spurs (though don't be surprised to see him returning at one point or another; this is hip-hop after all), it's clear that his loyal fanbase will continue to keep his legacy alive by keeping his music on steady rotation. 


Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

With a collection that already boasts thirty-three gold and platinum plaques, an impressive haul that easily cements him as one of the game's most commercially viable emcees, Logic can officially add a pair of new platinum upgrades to the mix. The two tracks in question are "Black Spiderman" and "Everyday," the former having gone gold in 2017, the latter having gone gold in 2018. With "Black Spiderman" landing on Everybody and "Everyday" landing on Bobby Tarantino 2, it seems apparent that neither album is losing momentum anytime soon. 

Congratulations to Logic for maintaining his grind, allowing his music to work for him long after his departure from the game. Are you still bumping any of his older music, or is it all about No Pressure for the time being?