Lindsay Lohan sporadically reappears on the pop culture radar and each reappearance tends to be accompanied by a headline that is more bizarre than the previous. However, I don't know if she will ever be able to top that time when she went on Instagram live, feigning a Middle Eastern accent, and tried to kidnap a little girl from her mother on the streets of Russia

After laying relatively low recently, on Thursday, a snippet for her upcoming single, "Xanax", was premiered on Virgin Radio Dubai’s “The Kris Fade Show”. If you're wondering why her preferred means of teasing this track was through a Dubai radio station, it's likely because she's been living there on-and-off since 2016. She split her time between there and Greece, where she opened three night clubs, including the one in Mykonos that was featured in her short-lived MTV series, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. 

Now, after these shaky ventures into the worlds of human rights activism, the hospitality industry, and television, Lohan is returning to one of the mediums that made her such a star in the first place, music. Although a title like "Xanax" would trigger a cynical response in most - due to its pervasive and dangerous recreational use in today's culture - Lohan detailed that the song is about “anxiety and pressure and taking care of yourself.” Based on the snippet, this may just be the self-care banger that the people need. After all, you can't deny that "Rumors" slapped.