Tamar Braxton was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother during the show's finale earlier this week. Many viewers were unhappy with the results, including Lindsay Lohan. Apparently, the former child-star had kept up with the series because of her mother's participation and found some of Braxton's antics to be anti-feminist. Lohan expressed her criticism via Twitter.

She first congratulated the winner before going in on her. "Congrats. God bless you," she wrote. "But you are not any friend of women."

"You’re deceptive and conniving and so is this #RR," she continued. "MONEY IS MORE TO YOU than being a strong woman #sadness bless you." The "RR" hashtag confused some of her social media following, but the term seemed to be clarified in her following tweet addressed to "rapy Ricky."

She attached a video of Ricky Williams nominating her mother, Dina Lohan, and Kandi Burruss for elimination. "So ⁦@Kandi⁩ ⁦@dinalohan⁩ are respectable women who don’t 'sleep' with you #rapyricky you’re gonna throw shade? Talk about a #MeToo#YoureTheWorst." 

Her tweet defends both women while referring to Williams' bedroom alliance with the other female roommates, a strategy on the reality show that does not involve any sexual implications. It seems like Lindsay might not have understood the terminology since she probably only started watching the show because of her mom.