Before Coronavirus was even referred to as a national emergency, many began to stock up on basic supplies. Health experts have suggested that anyone who doesn't have access to hand sanitizer should wash their hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap. However, soap isn't necessarily the hot commodity these days -- it's toilet paper. People have stocked up on toilet paper with a few people flipping rolls of TP at high price-points.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images 

Lil Yachty, who recently released his new single "Oprah's Bank Account" ft. Drake & DaBaby, hopped on the toilet paper re-sale game but perhaps, he has a better reason than most. The rapper hit the 'Gram where he revealed that he's flipping a four-pack of toilet paper for $500. This isn't any pack of Charmin or Cottonelle, though. Yachty is flipping a four-pack of exclusive Bape toilet papers for anyone who's trying to wipe their ass with luxury.

"As u all may have heard, I went broke a while back so I’ve decided to flip designer toilet paper as a new career... so bape toilet paper.. sure.. price May be a little steep.. but it’s a rare necessity currently.. so $500," he wrote on the post.

Surely, this is a joke but the lack of toilet paper and other essential supplies in North America is not. Two Tennessee brothers reportedly bought out all of the hand sanitizers, face masks, and face masks in Tennessee and Kentucky were recently forced to donate the 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer that they were once hoarding.