When Lil Yachty went to the Grammys, the 19-year-old rapper wasn't embarrassed to bring his mother as his date. Wednesday on IG, the "Minnesota" emcee shared a strange text his mother sent him.

Big Head On The Beat, an L.A.-based producer who's collaborated with the likes of Famous Dex, Lil Tracy and Lil Cray, tweeted that he "wanna smash Lil Yachty's mom."


Yachty's mother noticed the tweet she sent a text message to her son asking if he saw it. It must have been all fun and games because Lil Boat then shared his mom's message on IG.


It would seem Yachty knows the people behind the joke. The up-and-coming producer has been making a lot of beats for Lil Tracy, a rapper with a style similar to Yachty's. In fact, Tracy and Boat have been communicating for a while. Tracy tweeted a direct message the "Broccoli" rapper sent him in 2015 that he only notice months later.


Big Head retweeted the cringe-inducing message. It would seem Tracy and Big Head are developing a fondness for clowning the Teenage Emotions emcee. One must wonder what his mother makes of all this though.