Lil Xan has been promoting an anti-drug message, despite his rap name, in nearly every interview he gives these days. The "Betrayed" rapper's message is a breath of fresh air in light of the drug-related death of Lil Peep and the glamorization of Xanax in the rap community. Being a former addict himself, Lil Xan AKA Diego knows the effects of the prescription medicine, urging his fans to stay away from it and any other drugs that can harm you. This message may be coming to life sonically soon as Lil Xan has shared that his debut album is in the works and will be here within 30 days. 

Xan has been dropping several throwaway tracks, as well as collaborations with $teven Cannon and the Cole Bennett-directed "Betrayed" video, which has been viewed over 132 million times at the time of publication. Some may view him as an overnight sensation and this album can be Diego's chance to prove why he belongs in the conversation of the hottest new acts in hip-hop. Although nobody may be able to emulate the sound that Lil Peep was famous for, Lil Xan has built a platform for himself to potentially represent a brand of "emo rap" that not many artists have gravitated towards.

The up-and-coming California emcee has not yet shared an official release date, but he's remarked that we can expect more production from Bobby Johnson, which he seems to strive on. The rapper claims that his sound has matured since his days singing about drug use, to now promoting the Xanarchy movement standing against the drug. We're looking forward to hearing the evolution of his sound and seeing his potential impact on the industry.