Lil Xan might classify himself as a rapper but the majority of the hip hop community has had trouble accepting him especially after his comments on 2Pac. While the "Betrayed" rapper has since backtracked on his comments and even went out to perform "California Love" during one of his concerts, many people still don't rock with the young rapper. The latest to have an issue with him is Chris Webby. Webby took some shots at him during an freestyle this week which turned into a war of words between the two rappers.

Webby previously took shots at Xan in the past for his 2Pac comments but decided to bring it up again during a recent freestyle on Michael Rapaport's freestyle. "Lil Xan looks like a lesbian muppet/ But since I'm cutting back on drugs, I'ma only give him half a bar," Webby rapped. Xan later caught wind of this and said, "But lets be real fell off along time ago this a new wave of rap buddy we are the Kings now." 

Rapoport later chimed in and said that Xan should battle Chris Webby. Webby quoted the tweet and said, "I’m with that. @lilxanfuhyobih can even pick the beat. Hottest verse wins lil muppet."

Lil Xan later responded by saying that he's not a battle rapper, he's an "artist" while comparing the number of views on his breakthrough single, "Betrayed" and Chris Webby's "La La La." Webby responded with, "Views will not matter when I get back in the booth. All you had to do was say nothing. Now I’m gunna bully you."

Another user said that Xan would get destroyed in a battle to which Xan replied. "I agree because I don't battle rap lol I just make good music."

Peep the tweets below and let us know who you're siding with, Lil Xan or Chris Webby.