Lil Wayne is one of the biggest sports heads in hip-hop. He's been trusted by ESPN to scribe op-ed sports pieces, and Wayne has also made a number of appearances on the sports network. Wayne's love for each sports, from basketball to soccer, has been well documented by himself and others. With all that sports knowledge rolling around in his head, fans were interested in Wayne's opinion on one of the most heated topics of all time. Who is better, Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

"Lord have mercy, ya'll just gave me a migraine," responded Wayne when he heard the question. "I'm a real sports guy, boy that is tough. That's a tough question. These days they think the tough question is Jordan or Lebron. No. Kobe or Jordan is the tough question. God, forgive me. Jordan, forgive me. But, it's Kobe." In the brief interview, Wayne also picks Nicki Minaj over Rihanna, claiming they would make beautiful music and beautiful love if it came down to it. Wayne also makes it known that he is not a fan of fake booties. "As soon as you touch it, it's like you just touched a rock," admitted Wayne of the fake butts.