Lil Wayne is back at his home away from home today, ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. 

Appearing on "His & Hers" in promotion of his book "Gone 'Til November," Tunechi touched on Chris Bosh's ongoing situation with the Miami Heat, and how he can relate because it compares to his relationship with Birdman and Cash Money Records. 

The 32-year old forward has said that he wants to return to the Heat but ongoing blood clot issues have prevented that, and Pat Riley recently announced that his Heat career was "likely over." 

Speaking about Bosh, Wayne told His & Hers:

"It's interesting. It's interesting. It's a perfect example that you aren't bigger than the game. It's a perfect example of that," explained Wayne. "You're not bigger than the team, and once you're off the team, it’s not—we don't care. Once you're off the team, we don't care. We're still a team and we have to conduct ourselves as such, and we have to make the most for us. Reason being, I'm going through the same situation myself. So I know how it is."

"Everything I've done for them, they wouldn't be them without me. But I'm off the team so it's, 'screw him as long as we can, make sure we gonna screw him as much as we can, and when we can't no more we'll see what happens."

Essentially, in Michael Smith's words, Bosh is like Tha Carter V.

This comparison of Bosh and Wayne is even more interesting when you consider the fact that Wayne claimed to have slept with Bosh's wife back in 2013, after Weezy was reportedly kicks out of a Heat vs. Lakers game in South Beach.

Lil Wayne's segment of the show starts at the 12:45 mark in the video below, he gets going about Bosh and the Heat at around 18:00.