Harrison Garcia, the man better known to his associates as "Cuban Harry" and "Muhammad A Lean," would show off his lavish lifestyle on his private Instagram account, posing with large stacks of cash. He boasted that he knew Chris Brown, Future and Lil Wayne.

The police say he was the mastermind behind a series of burglaries across South Florida Walgreens and CVS stores that supplied him with the raw codeine & promethazine necessary to make lean. Which would in turn make him rich.

He told a federal judge Monday he was innocent and posted all of it to get street cred and some more likes on social media. 

“I had an image to portray, to boost up my followers,” Garcia said. “I guess it’s just the music industry.”

According to The Miami Herald, the 27-year-old stood in federal court, accused of using his Instagram account to set up transactions. He was first arrested in October, and was awaiting trial when Homeland Security busted him again in December for racketeering, grand theft and trafficking in illegal drugs. Three other men and a woman are facing prosecution for dozens of burglaries across several counties.

Garcia told the judge he was not a dealer but just a junkie, hooked on the syrup mixed with soda also know as sizzurp or purple drank, so ubiquitous in hip hop music.

During his arrest, he took investigators to his stash house. There, they found firearms and over 3,000 Xanax pills.