The beef between Rich The Kid and Lil Uzi Vert has been going on for a while, despite being mostly one-sided. Rich The Kid hasn't shied away from sending shots at Uzi, whether its yelling profanities about him at concerts or putting a Uzi clone in his music video for the diss track, "Dead Friends," Rich seemed ready for war. However, when Uzi actually showed up in front of him in Philadelphia, it was an entirely different story.

In a series of videos captured by onlookers, the beginning, middle, and end of their fight was captured on video. Honestly, it didn't seem likely that this beef was ever going to get physical, but Uzi proved everyone wrong yesterday.

The first video shows Uzi standing on a street corner, talking to Rich, who is hiding behind a barricade and a couple of security guards. It's unclear exactly what they're talking about.

What happens next is Rich does the Plug Sprint down the street, with Lil Uzi chasing behind him. Some enterprising fans caught footage of the video, and though its very small, it is possible to see Rich running across the street in the footage.

Lastly, the two finally end up squaring up in a local Starbucks, where Rich gets a punch and retreats behind the counter. Maybe he wanted to make a latte.

Uzi isn't the biggest guy in the world, but shouts out to him for holding his ground. Rich The Kid, meanwhile, doesn't seem very bothered by the whole situation, as he still has all his ice with him.