Lil Uzi Vert is currently on some other shit. The young man seems to be in the midst of a delightfully bizarre existential crisis, as expressed via a cryptic Instagram post. The rapper seems to address himself in the third person, writing "Hey Uzi Told me to tell y’all He Really doesn’t exist and neither does you in the next person eyes." The strange caption is accompanied by an adventure through the rain-splattered streets of Birmingham, which seems to evolve into an impromptu modeling session.

Uzi, or whoever he may truly be, continues his mind-bending message. "Uzi said if you think of a notepad and pen it will appear in days write “Hello” on the paper lose it on purpose and you will see the word “Goodbye” everywhere Forever unless you have more paper . He also said put these emoji 🤯🍄." While the ritual itself sounds like one in an admittedly non-scary horror movie, it does exhibit a sort of carefree, childlike imagination fans have come to associate with the whimsical artist. It's unclear what he might be trying to convey. Either way, he's certainly out there enjoying his best life.

One has to wonder whether Uzi's new music will be dropping anytime soon. He recently laid down some vocals on a remix to G-Herbo's "Who Run It," which left plenty of day one fans excitedly praising the return of "OLD UZI!!!" While we have yet to receive that particular banger, it certainly sounds like Uzi is coming back with a vengeance.