Lil Skies has been everywhere lately. The release of Life Of A Dark Rose helped introduce him to a much wider audience as well as other major names in the rap world. The budding rapper has since caught the attention of Gucci Mane who's been watching Skies moves. Since then, they've collaborated on some music that's yet to be released. Skies recently spoke on his relationship with the 1017 head honcho and gave an update on when we could possibly expect their collabs to surface. 

Lil Skies recently spoke to Billboard about his latest project, his life and his relationship with Gucci Mane. While explaining how he never reads his comments, he revealed that's how he learned Gucci Mane knew who he was. He also casually mentioned that the two of them have some music together that'll be coming soon.

"I never read my comments. I’ve been told, like, Gucci commented. Gucci is the big bro, though. I got music with him coming, dropping soon." he said.

He revealed that that Gucci's a big fan of his work process and that the two have several collabs in the works including a song on Gucci's upcoming Evil Genius album.

"He fucks with that shit, and he likes my work process." He said, "He called me after my show and I sent him a song -- he got on it, and he sent me one for his album."

While Skies is on the rise right now, it shouldn't be surprising that Gucci's tried to sign him. However, Skies revealed that he'd rather follow Gucci's footsteps and build his own brand and be his own boss.