Chief Keef is not the only member of his crew constantly facing legal trouble. Lil Reese landed himself in some hot water last year when footage of him beating a young woman surfaced on the internet. The GBE rapper claimed the video was from "years ago", and eventually apologized for his behavior with little to no consequences. It seems Reese will have a harder time getting out of his latest brush with the law, as he has been arrested on a warrant in Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune reports the "I Don't Like" rapper was found sleeping in a vehicle around 4 a.m. on Sunday, from which he was taken into custody after a warrant for his arrest was issued Thursday. 

The warrant is reportedly connected to charges of criminal trespass to a residence with persons present, mob action and battery that allegedly took place in February 2012, according to Champaign County Circuit Clerk’s Web site and Cook County court documents.

The Sheriff’s Office would not let any further details go in reference to the charges, indicating that they could not speak on the circumstances as Reese was not in their custody.

As of this afternoon, the rapper is being held on a $100,000 bond.

[UPDATE: Lil Reese's arrest is tied to the video of him beating up a girl in 2012]

As we reported previously, Lil Reese was arrested over the weekend on charges that were not all too clear. Now the details have surfaced, and it turns out, the GBE rapper was arrested in connection with his infamous video footage that circulated this past year, showing him beating up a young woman.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the beating incident was reported to the cops "after a video of the incident was posted online and the suspect's identity was disclosed," as a Police spokesperson said.

Lil Reese was released on bond out of Cook County jail yesterday afternoon, and has a court date pending.