Lil Pump didn't need to put out a project to play sold out shows across the country and top the SoundCloud charts. At this rate, he could probably just release regular singles and maintain his popularity. However, Pump does have plans to put out his first project, and he's revealed that it will be arriving this Summer on Twitter.

"LIL PUMP TAPE DROPPING IN AUGUST," he wrote Friday on Twitter, delighting his rampant fanbase. This is not the first time the Florida rapper has hinted that his project will be titled The Lil Pump Tape. He originally promised fans the project in April, but after it failed to materialize, he released the first single from the tape in June. The track, titled "Molly," promptly shot to the top of the SoundCloud charts. It has amassed 12 million plays within a month.

Pump is one of a few rappers who have used the SoundCloud platform to build a large fanbase. Check out our breakdown of the SoundCloud Rap All-Stars below.