A single Lil Pump is enough to cause raised eyebrows in any given crowd. The young man has taken to screaming "ESKETIT" in public areas, causing a general ruckus wherever he might go. Not to mention, his frequent urges to urinate on his own property. Of course, all of this is part of his "charm," or so many of his fans will attest. He's come this far, has he not? Now, with Harverd Dropout on the way, it would appear that Lil Pump has taken a page out of Eminem's playbook, and lined up a busful of lookalikes. If you thought one was a handful, try eighteen.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

So the story goes, the Pump squad arrived at the Grammy Awards in a Harverd Dropout bus, decked out in matching sweatsuits. One has to wonder if they planned to coordinate their passionate cries of "ESKETIT," or if they simply decided to stagger them in an irritating and borderline maddening delay. At first, onlookers were alarmed by the onslaught of Pumps, but upon realizing their docile nature, approached the herd with curiosity. Before long, selfies were taken, and Pump's cunning marketing sense prevailed yet again. 

What would you do if you happened across not one, not two, but eighteen Lil Pumps roaming the streets of Los Angeles?