While Lil Pump previously came to the game as a proud addict, it would appear he's trying his hand at a rebrand. Case in point, the Harverd Dropout recently had an epiphany of sorts, which led to him purging another substance from his system. 

"Guys, I came to a conclusion today," says Pump. "I'm done smoking weed man." He proceeds to roll down the window and toss his sack into the wilderness. "It's a waste of fu*kin' time and money and all that," he says, shaking his head. In fairness, Pump appears sincere in his assessment, seeming to have broken character for a brief spell. However, this is hardly the first time he's announced a departure from the "Drug Addict" lifestyle. You might recall his numerous attempts at kicking the cup, many of which were accompanied with an announcement not unlike this one.

That's not to say Pump's words ring hollow, as anyone knows kicking a substance is no easy feat. Should he be sincere in the pursuit of his newfound goal, all the power to him in his endeavors. Do you think Lil Pump is actively interested in a weed-free lifestyle moving forward? And one must wonder, what might a sober Lil Pump actually sound like?