Perhaps if we all did this, the world would be a better place. Or at least people around the world would be finding bags of weed once the balloon pops. On second thought, that would also probably make the world a better place. Lil Pump appears to be onto something as, in his latest Instagram story, he attached a baggie of weed to a balloon and sent it off into the stratosphere.

There's an infinitely low chance that the bag will actually make its way up to Heaven, which was Pump's intention, but the thought is nice. After sharing a few videos of him cashing out at the Gucci store, Pump decided to send a gift to God, fixing a couple of grams of marijuana to a balloon and sending it off. "Alright guys, this is some bud," told Pump to the camera. "I'm 'bout to send it up there so God can smoke. Here you go!" It was a helium balloon so it's stronger than one you would manually blow air into, but the chances of the device surviving are very slim. Somebody a few miles away from Jetski will likely be the recipient of some free weed.

Pump was recently forced to evacuate his home because of the devastating wildfires and he documented the entire process. Thankfully, he's safe trying to calm down the natural forces in Los Angeles.