Trade war be damned, Lil Pump has officially entered Canada. As such, it didn't take long for the young lean aficionado (not to be confused with a die hard fan of Sadboy legend Yung Lean) to make the acquaintance of one Nardwuar.

While the interview is largely the length or two, or perhaps three Lil Pump songs, one might argue that it's as long as it needs to be. The conversation starts off on the right foot, with Nardwuar attempting his best at an "ESKETTITT," which falls a syllable or two short. Doubtless, the picturesque sights of idyllic British Columbia were all but lost on Pump, who appeared to only have eyes on "the bitches." One can hardly fault a youthful rapper of the Soundcloud generation for dealing exclusively in cliches. However, seeing as this is the masterful Nardwuar we're talking about, he eventually gets Pump reminiscing on his more daring antics; least of all, "the Jump."

"I just got bored," says Pump. "Just climbed up that shit, and just jumped. Fuck it." Can't argue with that. He proceeds to stroll down memory lane, attempted to reflect on the time he and Smokepurpp got kicked out of school on the same day. Unfortunately, Pump seems to be exhibiting signs of short term memory loss, and has no recollection of how it went down. While Nardwuar proceeds to attempt stirring the pot, citing a time DJ Carnage called Pump obnoxious, the young rapper opts to let the transgression slide. 

For more from Pump, which admittedly equates to a lot of yelling and flexing, peep the interview below.