Twenty-five years ago on September 13th, The Notorious B.I.G. released his debut album that still resonates will fans, music lovers and family members of the late rapper everywhere. In light of the anniversary date for Ready To Die, Optimo cigar hosted a Biggie Inspires Art Exhibit and Celebration that welcomed art pieces from more than than 170 muralists whose work was inspired by Biggie. 

Hoa Hong, a 23-year-old Seattle based artist (as seen below) was in attendance at the event with her artwork proudly hanging on the walls. “I feel like a lot of his music was sad, but it was also uplifting. You take a line like, ‘I went from negative to positive, and it’s all good,’ and I feel like his music showed the different sides of his art," she said. 

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Other big names to show face was Faith Evans, Lil’ Kim, Rick Ross, Christian Combs and Biggie's family members Voletta Wallace, Christopher Jordan Wallace, T’yanna Wallace and more. 

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

“It was a day of inspiration, and great day to pay tribute to The Notorious B.I.G., a legendary artist who left us way too soon. On behalf of Optimo, it was an honor to host the “Biggie Inspires” art contest to capture his essence on the 25th anniversary of his debut album,” Michelle Burgstiner, Swisher Director said of the event.

“Congratulations to all of the artists who created these works of art to a man who continues to inspire us every day. He will always live on through his music, and now these works of art exist to contribute to his legacy and memory.”