Previously, we touched on Jermaine Dupri’s visit to rapper N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s Drink Champs podcast where he denied Diddy’s claim that Suge Knight’s infamous acceptance speech jab at The Source Awards was aimed at Dupri all along. In that same conversation, however, Dupri continued to provide insight into some other behind-the-scenes moments. On the chopping block of discussion? Lil Kim and the Notorious B.I.G.’s violent relationship.

Dupri revealed that it was during a studio session that he was witness to Biggie pulling a gun on Lil Kim after an argument got out of hand. “That studio session was the song called ‘Just Like Me’ with Usher,” he said. “So, what he did was he wrote a verse for Lil Kim. And Lil Kim at this particular point and time — this was the time B.I.G., I’m thinking he f–ked Kim’s sister and she found out about it. This was in the music. She was upset when she came to the studio, about this, and he couldn’t really get her to do the rap. And me and Usher were there, young, watching what’s going on, and B.I.G. pulled a strap out on her.”

As is the case with most Drink Champs sessions, the conversation can get pretty wild and revelations can be so outrageous that they're often hard to believe, but most recently Lil Kim stepped onto Ebro In The Morning to confirm J.D.’s account. According to the veteran femcee, Dupri’s story was mostly true.

“We did have a very violent relationship. I hate that for a while that was like all I attracted was violent — yeah. It is what it is.” “First of all, when I was going to do the song with Jermaine…Biggie wasn’t even involved in that. He put himself there. He came because he just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to have any eyes for Usher or Jermaine [laughs]. And everybody knows I get busy with the pen, but I loved when Big used to come and persuade some of my raps, ’cause he’s the freakin’ greatest; why wouldn’t I? Of course! But everybody knows…all my hit records, [‘All About The Benjamins’], ‘Get Money,’ ‘Crush On You’ — all me.”

“But when we were together, it always turned into a lover’s quarrel or a lover’s nest. Although I wanted him to be there to make sure my sh-t was tight, my music, everything got to be tight, but a lot of times, it wasn’t the best thing. And that day was one of the days where it probably wasn’t the best thing.”

Despite all of this, Kim’s general sentiment leaned toward looking past Biggie’s shortcoming in this regard, choosing to continue to shed positivity of the late legend’s name.

“A lot of us are not proud of certain parts of our past and the way we might have handled things. A lot of us aren’t proud of how we may have handled a certain situation back in the day or how we used to be. Now I’m going to tell you, BIG was a Gemini. All I know is Geminis. I’ve learned how to really deal with Geminis, and Geminis really are two people. They’re good people too but when they turn into that other person, it’s so hard to identify who that other person is. Biggie was like that. He’d love you to death. I know he loved me to death. But he was in between thinking he had to be some way sometimes and being who he really was.”