Rappers and college lectures are a very common thing lately, with Chance the Rapper stopping by Harvard last week and Kanye West lecturing at Oxford back in March. However, cant say we saw this tandem linking up. Earlier today (Monday), Lil Jon followed in Yeezy’s steps and spoke to a body of students at Oxford University.

Taking to his IG, Lil Jon shared a photo of his visit with the students, while rockin' the appropriate attire of a collared shirt and v-neck sweater. During his lecture, Jon spoke on things like Barack Obama's administration, where The Eastside Boyz are at, how he takes care of his voice, his initial reaction to being invited to speak at Oxford, and more.

Read a few excerpts from his lecture below:

Jon on his invitation:
“I thought it was a joke. Am I being catfished? I was kind of speechless after Irealized it was real. Thank you for having me, this is great. I've never been to a college and spoke.

On what The East Side Boyz are up to:
“I have no idea, dawg.”

[Via Complex]